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Spring Fair in the aid of ASHRAM International organised by our Local Community

Inspirational gathering and fun for everyone involved in.

Photo report from the event:



The study of Generation gap Issues facing

Afghan Community in the UK

During Year 2012 ASHRAM International under took a consultation work to study the generation gap issues facing Afghan Community in the North East London.

Please click the link below to read the report.

Afghan Generation Gap Report


Association of Afghan Healthcare Profesionals - UK (AAHP)

Ashram has developed a relationship with the Afghan Healthcare Professional-UK. It is a charity which established by Afghans Doctors working in the UK and wishes to support their native land and Afghans living in the UK.

ASHRAM assisted in the fundraising event run by the AAHP in 2011. The fundraising was to support a healthcare clinic in Paghman which is in a desparate need of medication and equipments and training nurses.

In December 2012 AAHP had another fundraining event where they demonstrated how well they utilised the funds raised the year before to support the clinic.

At the event ASHRAM annouced its financial support for this cause and look forwad to further development of the project.


ASHRAM's Projects Exhibition Stall at the Bushey and Oxhey Flower festival July 2012


This festival generated £360 donations which we alocated to fund a borewel for our girls home in Sri Lanka. The home will hugely safe in water fee.


Awarness about Aghan culture and ASHRAM's work in Afghansitan

The exhibition was held from 4 March to 17 March 2010

at the the Bushey and Oxhey Art Festival


ASHRAM exhibited the traditional handmade rugs and crafts made by the women beneficiaries of ASHRAM's projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India


There was a short Drama about an afghan family experiencing the struggle of being refugees living in a refugee camp in Pakistan. and now returning to Kabul. The play was about the family life-style in Kabul. How they related to each other, How they prepare for eating meal seating on the floor. The parents appreciate that their children fortunately can go to school now and opportunity that one of their girls is supported by ASHRAM to be train in carpet weaving and earns some income which is a greate help for the family.

Afghan Refugees camp in Peshawer . Pictures were taken by Maliha Kabir during her  projects' monitoring visit in Pakistan


The drama was followed by a tradtional Afghan dinner, and three speakers about ASHRAM's projects, Importance of awareness of local people in the UK about Afghan people and culture.

There were slides show on Afghanistan and afghans and Afghan music.


The outcome

1)The event was well attended. many publicity about ASHRAM's projects supporting women with education and employment. It was published in Watford Observer, Bushy Directory and Libral Democrats Website.

2) We sold five traditional handmade rugs made by afghan girls supported to be trained by ASHRAM International. There are some more interested to buy people who would like to order in later stage. The collected fund was sent to the partner organisation for further development of the project.

3) One of the atendees is taking this further and is organising a similar event in her local area.

4) Our landlord Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church who has enormously helped us in organising the event has giving us the opportunity to display ASHRAM's Projects craft in thier meeting point. The meeting point is open every day between 10am-12noon. You can have a cup of tea or coffee and have a look at ASHRAM's crafts. We are very grateful for Bushey and Oxhey Methodist Church support.

4. We got interested and planing to study the issues facing the afghan community living in the UK

Please click below for the artilce on Watford LibDems website about ASHRAM's exhibition. Sal Brinton visited this exhibition on International Womens day:




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